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During the evening, most colleges offer fun activities like parties, sports competitions and games. Orientation gives you the opportunity to make friends, get acquainted with roommates, purchase textbooks, and become comfortable with navigating the campus. Colleges provide incoming freshmen with information about the different clubs and organization available on campus.

Whether you want to be part of a service organization, play intramural sports, be active politically, write for the campus paper, work at the campus radio station or volunteer, this is the time to get information on each. This is a good way to decide if Greek life is right for you and which groups you feel comfortable with. Doing this helps you stay in the loop and make a decision once your arrive on campus. This is the best way to immerse yourself in campus life and get to know other students.

You may not make lifelong friends at orientation, but you should still socialize with as many people as possible. Remember that everyone is in the same boat--they are just as new as you are and probably just as nervous. Try starting a conversation in the dining hall with someone you have never met. Participate in all the social activities provided by the orientation leaders.

This will help you get to know one another. Once you are out socializing, talk to lots of people instead of just clinging to one person.

What Happens at a College Fair?

Parents may experience this education phase as a relief, a cause for worry, or both; and many would like a little guidance. Learning about rules, campus safety and the academic calendar will also be of practical value to many parents for obvious reasons. Meeting other parents will also provide a feeling of community, as well as the potential for long-lasting friendships.

Try to think of yourself as both a parent and a student during your orientation. Bring paper and pencil or an iPad to take notes with, make sure to ask questions and introduce yourself to parents and school officials. In addition to taking care of the practical details, you will also benefit more from the experience if you allow yourself to enjoy it. In recent years, more and more colleges and universities have offered orientation events specifically geared toward parents during the days, weeks, or months before school starts.

10 Things to Expect from Your College Orientation – Smart College Visit

The Boston Globe reports that most parents found the events to be more than worthwhile. One parent offers this critique of the orientation she attended:. Overview Curriculum Counselors Juniors Seniors. Interviews What to Expect. What to Study Select a Major. Campus Tours What to Expect.

Some colleges require an admissions interview before accepting students into their school. This allows the college to come to know the student as a real person, rather than just as a piece of paper or an essay.

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You should expect to be asked questions about your academic record. Now, this does not mean you should memorize the grades you received, though knowing your GPA would be helpful.

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Rather, it means you should spend time preparing to discuss your academic life:. These are just some of the possible questions you may be asked. Try to think of all the different questions an interviewer might ask about your academic career so you'll know how to answer.

Know What to Expect in College

Another aspect you will most definitely be asked about is your life outside of the classroom. You may be asked about the sorts of extracurricular activities you are a part of or the clubs you're a member of. You may be asked about whether or not you hold a part time job after school or if you do volunteer work.

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While these items will most definitely be listed on your college application as well, the interviewers want to hear you talk about them. This is your opportunity to elaborate on your activities and discuss why you partake in them and how you feel they have enriched your life in some way. Passion and commitment to an organization or project is admirable but also be careful not to get too overly exuberant with your answers.

Also note, that specific extracurricular activities that are somehow connected to your degree may also help you receive grants and scholarships in the future, so it's never too early to get involved.