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Brought together by a love of vintage gear, nasty licks, and ratty pedals, Crystal Spiders revel in the waves of volume commanded by their roaring amps. The legendary Raleigh rock scene has been a band breeding ground for years now, but rarely has something emerged from the crypt with the same passion and drive of this fuzz-possessed crew.

Reeking of smoke and drenched in distortion, their demo has just been self-released in January of and is guaranteed to reap minds and destroy souls, foreshadowing a debut album that will make waves in heavy circles. Tigerlily 2. Flamethrower 3. Art by Tyler Pennington. Layout by Alex Traboulsi. Or maybe the US will finally get its own Argonauta Fest.

Label head Gero Lucisano has to have enough American acts at this point to make that happen. Their skill as a band, and the individual contribution of each member creates not only a cohesive whole but also a collective emotion that transcends the genre completely. Their energy and emotional authenticity of their work makes you hover a bit with excitement.

Shadow Giant is: J. Honkytonk on the Moon by Shadow Giant. So, uh, you wanna go get weird in the desert for a weekend?


Sure, we all do. From the pre-party to The Obsessed headlining the second day, the inaugural edition of Monolith on the Mesa looks like the stuff of pilgrimage dreams. Om and Dead Meadow? Tia Carrera jamming in a brewery?

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Look no further if you need an example of the fruit that would seem to be bearing. Browse Our Website monolithonthemesa.

What makes a good Chromebook price?

Until they do, anyway. Listed towns, beware.

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So, Roadburn has moved the pre-party from Cul de Sac — which was always packed — to the proper, where it will be held in the Green Room for the first time. Sunday used to be the Afterburner, with fewer stages.

The pre-party used to be two bands, then three, now a new venue. Pretty soon Roadburn is just going to be a full week long and will take over the entire town of Tilburg each April. Thank you to Walter and the for having us back for another go. See you in Tilburg:. As ever, we hand over to our esteemed curator to tell us why this was such an essential pick for him….

Adjectives that can well be applied to the music this duo from Austin, Texas creates, as well. With two drummers, and four guitarists, GLERAKUR multiplied their hypnotic waves of dreamlike-atmospheres and harmonic feedback into such an overwhelming and mesmerising performance that we simply had to invite them for the festival.

Immerse yourself in the swirling landscapes and enchanting melodies on offer; lay back in the stream of lush instrumentation and let it wash over you. With the announcement of their self titled, minute album coming this April on Eisenwald, what better time to explore the abyss than now? GREY AURA are using their playful yet sometimes schizophrenic take on this genre like some of the others participating in Maalstroom as a vehicle to expose and explore the darker side of the mind.

Accommodation options remain in Tilburg and further afield — please check the website for more details. Now Playing Loading With a little searching and by saving that link , you can find an amazing Chromebook price this Black Friday. This is where you should begin your search for a Chromebook. At 14 inches in screen size and inside an adorable frame, the HP Chromebook 14 offers a fine middle ground for the indecisive shopper. With standardized parts inside, this Chromebook can do essentially all its closest rivals can and then some, with its microSD card reader and slew of ports — unlike similarly-priced, tinier Chromebooks.

Read our full review: HP Chromebook In the education sector, a Chromebook price can be one of the most important factors so you'll be safe in the knowledge that this Dell 11 is efficient as well.

Read our full review: Dell Chromebook Read our full review: Acer Chromebook The Google Pixelbook Go has only just left its box, but it's already one of the most powerful Chromebooks out there. The 8th generation of processors to choose from and the substantial SSD sizes on offer mean you'll be zipping through tasks on an ultra portable laptop with a great full HD screen.

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Plus, the Go can manage all that and still stay alive for 12 hours at a time, which is pretty good going when you consider the power stored inside this sleek shell. It might not be the cheap and cheerful machine you were expecting to pick up, but it's certainly worth a look if you're going to be using your Chromebook for anything strenuous. The R11's subdued design may not win any awards, but inside that white shell is a surprisingly slim laptop destined to last an entire day's work.

The R11 packs day-long battery life, sharp performance and a degree hinge for the touchscreen.

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It won't burn your wallet, thereby making cons, like an iffy trackpad and barely-HD screen, a little easier to take. Read the full review: Acer Chromebook R Acer tends to run the show in our Chromebook roundups, and for good reason: it makes great Chromebooks. If you want the look and near-feel of a MacBook Air, but with the Chromebook price tag this is the model for you.