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To be seen, to be heard and to feel understood is a transformative healing experience. I believe that the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives. Human connection has transformative power and it impacts all aspects of health.

Belle Epicurean, Seattle

I am passionate about and committed to understanding human connection and how it impacts the well-being of my patients. Suffering is a part of what makes us human and I strive to support patients as they explore their individual suffering and empower them to address it with compassion, knowledge and practical tools.

When we give ourselves permission to lean into our pain, fears, desires and joys, we allow for a deeper understanding of ourselves and our needs. Yet , have you ever seen an older woman who is aging with grace? She carries herself with confidence.

She radiates self-acceptance and self-love. Her age and life experience actually enhance her beauty because she glows from within. What an incredible experience — for both my soul and my skin cells. Thank you so much.

The Rite, Ma Ma Ma Belle on Seattle TV show Rockin' You!