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This interactive journal will put you through exercises that'll help you determine where you are in your journey. Find uplifting prompts like, "List five things that always, and immediately, bring a smile to your face. If you're more of a facts-and-figures person, check out this book by David R. Gala Darling has been teaching self-love for more than a decade, and she's put her findings in a book that comes with homework assignments to keep you accountable for your own self-love goals.

Bishop, who grew up in Glasgow, Scotland, describes his brand of self-help as more of an "urban philosophy" approach. Stop comparing yourself to others! Each task is quick, so you take small steps to feeling better about yourself. Bruce Alan Kehr, M. That voice in your head, giving you all of your self-doubts? Activist and poet Sonya Renee Taylor offers ways to understand the origins and liberate yourself from body shame. Model Tess Holliday said the book, "is essential reading for those of us who crave understanding and those who are already on the path to learning how beautiful and complex our bodies are.

Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. You Are a Badass. Because when you change your mindset and start to look at relationships as black and white instead of every shade in between, you cut out a lot of drama and heartache and nonsense.

The wild, adventurous, uncertain, often crazy but always magical journey of the single woman. I wanted this book to be a complete snapshot of the entire experience of the single woman, not just one aspect. How can we hope to live healthy, happy, balanced lives if the only thing anyone is talking to us about is relationships? And yes, love is a chapter or two of that…but not the entire book. The busy, vibrant, confident single woman has many, many other stories to tell! With BeautifulUnertainty, I tried to combine all the greatest elements of the storytelling from Never Been to Vegas and the quotable nuggets of truth from The Single Woman and I feel like it resulted in my best work ever.

We can say yes to our lives. We can follow God and follow our dreams and take bold chances and surrender to our process and RISK and dare and love and embrace the Beautiful Uncertainty of every single moment. What books have spoken to you as a single woman? Which books did I miss and need to add to a future list? Comment below with your picks!

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Hi i was in love with a guy 4 11 years its been about 9 years since it ended. It still hurts soo bad like it was yesterday we ended it. What book do you recommend to single girl who is 27 and never been asked out on a date! God is teaching me how to be the wife my husband deserves. Carmen, I honestly thought I was the only one!!!!! I am the same age as you and feel exactly the same way you do! Carmen, am 27 too, and I can totally relate.

It is not in vain. Carmen I am nearly 30 and have never been asked our on a date either by a man who would serve as a real prospect. It is definitely a struggle but I do believe that it is not too late and just focus on getting your life in order so that when your husband finds you he will recognize that he had found a rare jewel indeed.

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In doing so, he showed every person he loves you. He is there for you, he wants a relationship with each of us. In fact, he wants to meet you for a date eveeyday for quality time. You can Trust him to never leave you or cheat on you! Read the Bible, your life will be folles with pesca as you wait for God to send you the mate he has for you.

9 Nonfiction Books About Love That Will Completely Change How You Feel About Finding "The One"

I understand that you must be confused at where you are at in life. As you can see you are not the only one who has gone through the same thing. One thing I can point one — you need to focus on you! Think about what you do, how awesome you are and be a confident and strong woman. Learn about who God wants you to be. Point 3 — make sure you are getting out, play a sport, go to church, volunteer at places and meet people. I promise you in no time you will be asked out because guys around you will notice who and how amazing you are. Read this 9 years ago for the first time just as my 19 year marriage had ended after 6 years of desperately trying to save it, and then landing up in such a wrong relationship with a guy for a brief time.

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Never has a book so underscored me, and read my mail like this one, painfully but also reassuringly revealing myself to myself at then 49! Read and re-read it many times since. It may have saved me from a lot of pain. Gaskins Jr. Look him up on YouTube as well and Jereme L.

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Ford mentioned above. Just curious if you have read any books by Michelle McKinney Hammond. The Bible is the most important book to read while on this journey. In the Meantime. Iyanla Vazant this book is what finally got me out of the bed after a deep depressive breakdown after what I thought was the love of my life dumped me. Now I know I dodged a bullet and some of the issues were self inflicted I still pull it out from time to time. I was just about to suggest the very same book! Thank you. This looks like a great list and I will definitely be reading some of these….

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It was awesome! Ha ha. Thank you for publishing this book list.

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The themes of these book resonate so loudly with me. Thank you for being so transparent and positive and nonjudgmental. Your life is a beautiful testament to how God loves us! Thanks again! Why does he do that? By Lundy Bancroft. An excellent book about unhealthy relationships. Yvette and I went through High School together. Her book is just what the Dr would have ordered had it been around in She is a talented writer.