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I know of course because I have made this mistake in my own companies. In a previous company, before we refined our recruiting and hiring process, we made some terrible hires in many key position. We found some real lunatics!

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They had great resumes, interviewed very well and talked the talk. But they didn't share the same values or vision for the company and were definitely not a culture fit. Culture applies to employees at every level, but when you miss the mark on bringing in the right person in more senior positions--watch out.

Employee retention involves pretty much all aspects of how the business is structured and led. But it starts with who you allow in--who earns the opportunity to join your unique culture. One of the reasons is not just that we need the best war-fighters we can find; but that every member of the team has to fit our culture and share our beliefs. They must believe in the mission and have an intimate understanding and connection to our cause.

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That's not to say that all SEALs are cut from the same mold. We have an extremely high level of diversity. Which brings me to an important point. Culture fit doesn't mean that an organization is recruiting the same kind of people with the same backgrounds and experiences. Or at least they shouldn't be. If you can combine finding the right people who share the cultural beliefs with effective and ongoing training and professional development you will see winning results. I realize that you don't always have the luxury of waiting around forever to find that ideal candidate who has the skills you need yesterday, but there are some simple ways to assess culture fit that won't slow you down.

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It all starts with asking the right questions. Questions not just related to the candidates technical experience. Of course there can be fun ways to assess an individual's personality to see if they fit with the team environment. Take them on a tour of the office. Let then sit in on a meeting or have them join you for a team lunch. Assess their comfort levels in different environments. If collaboration is a critical part of the company culture, ask them questions about how they like to work.

Ask for specific examples and experiences. I recommend also having a diverse cross-functional selection committee that is involved in the screening process.

This committee's primary role is assessing culture fit. We implemented this in my previous company to avoid hiring mistakes and it works wonderfully still to this day. It also accomplishes several things: it makes the hiring and selection process more robust; gives the team a sense of ownership over protecting the culture; and gives the candidate a heightened degree of accomplishment.

They will hit the ground running knowing that their peers chose them to join the organization. Hiring based on culture and values increases retention immensely. But it's not just about what's right for the company, it's also about what's best for the candidate. If you bring them in for their expertise, knowing that they possibly aren't the best culture fit, that isn't fair to them either.

They will thrive more in an environment that suits their beliefs and values.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Recruiters (But Were Afraid To Ask).

So let them spread their wings somewhere else and find the individual that will be with you for the long haul. Can you give us a reason someone may not like working with you? Prospective bosses want to know if there are any glaring personality issues, and what better way that to go direct to the source? You can easily shoot yourself in the foot with this question.

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So you have to frame the question in a way that gets at the intent without being self-effacing. I sometimes lose my temper too easily. The only times I have been disliked — and it was temporary — was when I needed to challenge my staff to perform better. The implication is that you might not be motivated enough to secure a job; you are being distracted by other pursuits; your skills set may not be up to date; there is an issue with your past employers, or a host of other concerns.

The key is not to take the bait and just answer the intent of the question in a calm, factual manner. The hiring manager wants be assured that you possess initiative even when unemployed, as this drive and tenacity will translate well in a corporate setting. This is about how active and excited you are to be making a contribution to the employer.

Why the best hire might not have the perfect resume - Regina Hartley

How did you make time for this interview? Where does your boss think you are right now? Hiring managers want to find out if your priorities are in the right place: current job first, interviews second. Ideally your interview is during a break that is your time, which is important to point out. Describe it to us. What do they ask this? This will give you a good indication of which of your skills you should highlight on your resume and in your cover letter.

Customize your resumes and cover letters for each new job ad you apply to, making sure to use the same keywords that the companies do. You're not the only one who could use a thorough review prior to your job search getting underway. Could your resume use some fine-tuning so that it grabs the attention of hiring managers? Monster's experts can show you which of your skills are most pertinent to the jobs you're applying to, as well as the proper way to highlight them in your resume.

Six Things Recruiters Never Tell Candidates (But Should).

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Search Career Advice. Advice Career Paths Career Assessment. How to assess your career skills in six easy steps Want hiring managers to swoon over you? First, you have to figure out exactly what makes you so awesome at what you do. Daniel Bortz, Monster contributor. What skills do you have that companies really want?

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