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The tough part is to know why someone is continuing in sin and not making steps to amend their behavior.

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For instance, some people may want something that God apparently cannot provide thru Church teachings. For instance, someone in a failed marriage where there is no chance of resolution may not want to seek an annulment or is denied an annulment but without pursuing an illegal marriage thru adultery cannot bear children.

But I can see where someone could commit the sin of presumption hoping to repent of it later when the situation is more complicated.

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Of course, if they die in unrepentant sin, they risk going to Hell. Snowflake adoption is where someone can adopt embryos that would otherwise be killed. So, let me put to rest two of the things that seem to bother people about the idea of denying absolution. The principle of charity is operative whenever we administer the sacraments—we give people the benefit of the doubt.

If someone is in my confessional and they confess their sins, I assume they are at the very least possessed of the requisite desire necessary for the validity of the sacrament. It is entirely a logical and legal consideration. If someone is manifestly in a state of sin for which they do not have firm purpose of amendment, I do not give them absolution, because it would simply have no effect. I would ask them if they intended to stop doing that. If they said yes, I would absolve them. So think of it less of a denial and more of a situation where I will not perform a sacramental action that is a lie—the words and the action will not line up with reality, as no sacrament will take place.

My soul will be imperiled and the sacrament shown great irreverence if I give absolution to someone for whom it would not be valid.

But again, this is very rare that this happens—we are to assume the best, and only if someone manifestly presents some kind of situation wherein absolution would be impossible contraception with no intention to quit being one example, also being in an irregular marriage or cohabitating with no intention to quit do we withhold absolution. Usually, even when people are using confession to vent about family problems, at least one sin is mentioned. I give them some advice, give them a blessing, and send them on their way.

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Well, the issue is that most priests are not trained in spiritual direction. The priest I grew up with viewed the process as very legalistic. He absolutely gave no advice. This categorization process veiled any moral misunderstandings I was developing. When I began blaming myself for abuse happening in my home, confession only cemented me into my self-blame. Their Catholic upbringing has hurt them. People need to be aware of this because it is a faith destroyer if we view sin and confession the wrong way.

But as frustrating as it is to go to Mass or confession with priests who offer no substance, the important thing to appreciate is the graces always present in the sacraments. I would rather go to a dry mass with a bland homily and a confessor who absolved me no matter what I said than a priest who leads me down a path that seems righteous but is self-destructive. I thought, that maybe, I had just forgotten that I was, but the next time I went to confession, I did mention it, and I was definitely absolved.

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First of all, thanks for your service Father. I know of a few people who became Protestant who were remarriages. Maybe they wanted out of a prior marriage. Maybe they wanted a different spouse. There could be as many reasons to avoid the annulment process as there are people in need of it. In any case, the thread is about confession and absolution being denied, and not annulments.

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Most people spend their whole lives battling particular sins that are a major issue for them. Many young men are constantly confessing impurity or viewing obscene things.

Many guys will be in the confessional once a week maybe even more confessing it. At least they try to battle it with confession. No one in the confessional is claiming to have done nothing wrong. You can only confess what sins you are aware of. No one is aware of all their sins. Nor do you need perfect contrition in the confessional. The big thing with contrition is to express our orientation to Christ, our desire to be made holy and to continue on the spiritual path. Being denied absolution Liturgy and Sacraments. Sbee0 November 13, , pm 1. Elf01 November 13, , pm 2.

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Arwing November 13, , pm 3. But first things first. But I do.

I myself find it hard to explain this; but from an early age I noticed that there was something very, very wrong with the environment in which I was brought up. I was not, however, anywhere near clever enough to fully understand the historical significance of what was happening all around me. The sheer gravity of the injustice suffered by those people was something that went clean over my head.

Why would they smash a statue of Our Lady, for instance? Even now that I understand things a little better, I still find it hard to comprehend why so much hatred and bitterness still orbits around political discussion in Malta today, even long after the cause of the initial rift has or seems to have faded into history. This is why I instinctively felt that what Archbishop Scicluna tried to do last week was something of an epochal, historical nature.

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To my eyes, then, this was a gesture that might go some distance towards healing this ancestral wound. And the way I see it: it is more important for this wound to heal, than for the Archbishop to be genuine in trying to heal it. From this perspective, I was relieved to see that so many of the older generation — the ones who, unlike myself, actually lived through those troubled times — seem to have welcomed the gesture, too.

Whether this sentiment is widely shared or not, is not for me or my coevals to say. Ultimately, is up to those who were directly affected to decide if the Archbishop is being genuine or not; or to interpret his actions any way they choose. But the younger generation also has a stake in bringing this issue to a close.